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Anti Vitiligo Foundation is one of few dermatology organizations in Rwanda, striving to restore the hope of Vitiligo patients across the country. The organization, focus more on building strong relationship with its patient members and other people involved in healthcare system including Ministry of Health, Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) and dermatological clinics and Hospitals.

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes the skin to lose its pigment and white patches appear on different parts of the body sometimes covering the whole body. Vitiligo patients face numerous dermatological stigma, bulling, Persecution, isolation from economic advantages and other psychosocial problems due to physical symptoms of their disease. People living with vitiligo have revealed that all the challenges they face have long lasting devastating impacts on their life. And one of the major mandate of the organization is to eradicate this malpractice from Rwandan society.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

Anti-Vitiligo Foundation Rwanda’s vision is to live in a country where people with vitiligo get full access to medical treatment and a society with no stigmatization.

Our Mission

Anti Vitiligo Foundation Rwanda’s mission is to help vitiligo patients:

  • Get equal professional opportunities without discrimination
  • Play roles in decision making where they work/in their community
  • Have rights to justice when they face injustice
  • Get their voices easily& clearly heard

Our Core Values

Our core values are broken into three:

Awareness: We focus more on the awareness to provide accurate and essential medical and health related information to our patient members.

Privacy: We highly value the privacy of our patient members and ensure that their private information/data is kept confidential.

Belief: We believe in uniqueness and the skin colour difference should not be a problem to anybody.

Our statistics


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What we do

Build a strong confidence among the patients

Vitiligo patients need to stand strong confidently and apply self-love which helps them dealing with external stigmatization.

Advice and counselling

The pressure from general community burden the people living with vitiligo, for this reason the organization provides free counselling programs to its members

Strengthen the disease awareness

We partner with local radios, TV stations and online news writers to spread more information about vitiligo because Rwandan society still has a long way to go to know about the skin disease/vitiligo.

Raise visibility with disease information and the importance of treatment

We educate patient members about the importance of seeking medical practitioners and direct them to hospitals of reference instead of looking for traditional medication.

Conduct one on one research/survey

To dig deep and know more about how it really feels like to live with vitiligo in a Rwandan community from the patients’ perspective.


People living with visible skin diseases (vitiligo) face so many challenges in their daily life therefore Anti Vitiligo Foundation Rwanda advocates the patients to health officials and medical practitioners.

Our Spotlight News

Do you know Vitiligo skin disease?

Do you know how to get rid of it? with Joseph Harelimana from @AntivitiligoRda and Jean Claude who is ill.
#am2pmrw with @AissaCyiza
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  • March 2020

Two new Member organizations join our GlobalSkin alliance

We are pleased to have 2 new Member organizations join our GlobalSkin alliance this month. Our Membership now includes 185 patient organizations, from 62 countries, representing 54 disease areas! Welcome to #Lungenunion & @AntivitiligoRda #GlobalSkin #Dermatology #SkinDisease

  • September 2021

Understand Vitiligo:

How does it work? Can you avoid it? Is it cured? How is the patient treated? It's all in the conversation #Ubyumvute at 7:30 p.m. Our guests are Joseph Harerimana, Director of Anti Vitiligo Foundation Rwanda and Richard Murego

  • January 2022

Activist starts platform to help vitiligo patients believe in themselves, curb stigma

Many people have lost their true identity due to their differences, some have failed to accept who they are due to the stigma imposed on them by society, and some of these are Vitiligo patients.

  • March 2022

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